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Must-Know Secrets for Effective Presentations

When you are in the middle of a presentation and suddenly forget what to say, what do you do? Do you ramble, turn around and read your slides, or starting saying “um” and “ah” while you try to get back on track? Here’s a helpful tip. Pause and breathe. It really can be that simple. …

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Presentation Skills Tip: Create Confidence

Presentation Skills to Create Confidence You’ve always wanted to give a stellar presentation, but your fear of public speaking is making that goal difficult to achieve.  Never fear!  Behaving confidently is more important than actually feeling confident.  Keep the following tips in mind to appear more confident during your next presentation:   You are the …

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No More Non-Words in Business Presentations

No More Non-Words You always want to sound eloquent and professional when you communicate.  But umms and uhhs keep on sneaking into your speech!  Nothing can kill your perceived confidence and credibility like non-words.  Non-words such as ah, like, you know, so, and umm make you sound unprepared and unprofessional.  To eliminate the use of …

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