Communication Skills Training: Seated

Shine during high-profile seated meetings with our communication skills training

  • Communication Skills Training – Executive Presence

    Executive Presence

    Promote Your Personal Power Program

    Level I: You are new to a position of influence and want to make a good first impression. This communication skills training program will help you stand out from the crowd through personal branding and develop a business meeting agenda that drives results.


    Level II: You are a seasoned professional and are ready to take your business meetings to the next level. While dealing with difficult people is nothing new, you want to learn how to be more proactive vs. reactive and facilitate crucial conversations.

    Promote Your Personal Power: Level I Promote Your Personal Power: Level II
  • Communication Skills Training – Sales Presentation Skills

    Recommendation Meetings

    Shorten Meetings: Get Executive Approval Program

    Showcase your expertise, build your credibility and enhance your executive presence by presenting decisive recommendations in 10 minutes or less. Whether you communicate one-on-one, in the boardroom, or in any business meeting, this communication skills training will allow you to master the techniques to get your recommendations approved.

    Conduct Meetings That Get Results
  • Communication Skills Training – Executive Coaching

    Executive Coaching

    One-on-One Communication Skills Training

    Be the leader who motivates others to excel. These one-on-one communication skills training sessions are customized just for you. No matter what your communication or presentation scenario, our consultants can help you develop decisive, compelling content and deliver it with inspiration.

    Motivate The Masses
  • Communication Skills Training

    What Makes Us Different?

    Whether you communicate standing, seated, online, or a combination of those scenarios, we will customize a communication skills training program to accomplish your goals, meet your time frame and budget.  Our training can help you shorten meetings, provide techniques to improve group involvement, facilitate challenging discussions, or get a group back on track when they’re derailed.


    • Customization is standard: Power Presentations can recreate real-life meeting scenarios with management involvement, followed by group discussion and individualized coaching. We’ve helped clients improve their one-on-one meetings, team meetings and team dynamics involving executives (yes, sometimes the executive is the problem). Our superstar consultants can help you understand your team’s dynamics and how to play off each other’s strengths to ultimately conduct proactive, results-oriented meetings.
    • Blended Learning Formats: All of our curriculum can be conducted face-to-face or online, for groups or individuals. We are experts in teaching online education. Therefore, our online presentation training provides an interactive experience with dynamic visuals and activities to keep attendees engaged and learning.
    • Extensive Follow Up: Don’t miss the opportunity to continue your communication skills training with presentation practice software and use AI to evaluate your communication style. In addition, our EmPOWER Portal offers all of the books, templates, worksheets, content development formats, videos and webinar recordings you’ll need to face any communication scenario.
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