Company Mission and History

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  • Mission

    You will leave our program saying, “That was the best training I’ve ever attended. Ever.”

  • About us

    Each and every one of our programs is customized to meet your unique communication scenario. Whether you deliver stand up presentations, high-profile seated meetings or virtual communications, we empower you to look and sound great. Since 1993 we’ve helped more than 40,000 professionals from a variety of Fortune 500 Companies, federal agencies and nonprofit organizations improve their communication skills, advance their careers, and WOW the crowd at every turn.

  • History

    When Sheri Jeavons founded Power Presentations in 1993, she vowed to deliver communication skills training that made professionals feel empowered. She wanted to build people up from their current skill level by providing positive feedback and coaching, leaving behind the practice of tearing people down in front of their peers. This is the mindset that led to our Techniques Of Presenting (TOP) Mastery methodology. Our TOP Mastery® Programs and Products are designed to take you to the TOP of your game.