Business Presentations: Standing

Presentation skills training to develop compelling content and deliver it with confidence

  • Presentation Skills Training - Core Presentation Skills

    Presentation Skills Training

    Craft Compelling Content & Captivate the Crowd Program

    Master the core competencies for effective presentation skills. You will learn to develop compelling content, produce dynamic PowerPoint® presentations and demonstrate confident body language.

    Deliver Dynamic Presentations
  • Technical Sales Presentation Skills

    Technical Presentation Skills Training

    Get Technical, Get Factual, Get Results Program

    Decisively communicate your expertise to peers or non-technical audiences through our technical presentation training program. Our Get FIT (Factual, Informative, Technical) Format is specifically designed to tell the technical story from the audience’s perspective and drive business results.

    Get FIT
  • Scientific Presentation Skills Training

    Scientific Presentation Skills Training

    Bring the Data to Life: Scientific Storytelling Program

    Educate, inform and persuade medical professionals, staff and consumers about your research, drugs and devices through our scientific storytelling process. Learn to successfully facilitate challenging discussions while maintaining your composure and executive presence.

    Bring the Data to Life
  • sales presentation skills

    Sales Presentation Training

    Close that Sale... Be Undeniable Program

    Take that standard sales deck to the next level and kick off your sales presentation by leading with the client’s goals. Learn our Craft Compelling Content format and receive personalized coaching to understand how your body language impacts your credibility to close more sales.

    Close That Sale
  • Financial Sales Presentation Skills

    Financial Presentation Skills Training

    Get Technical, Get Factual, Get Results Program

    The spreadsheet doesn’t tell the whole story. Learn to tell what the numbers mean through our Get FIT (Financial, Informative, Technical) Format to drive results that impact the bottom line. Through our personalized coaching, you will learn and practice techniques to present the data without turning your back to the audience and reading the slides.

    Get Results
  • presentation skills for trainers

    Presentation Skills for Trainers

    Motivate, Educate, Facilitate Program

    Become a more confident facilitator, trainer or educator with enhanced presentation skills. Learn new ways to motivate and engage adult learners while managing difficult conversations and questions.

    Motivate Adult Learners
  • executive coaching

    Executive Coaching

    One-on-One Communication Skills Coaching

    Executive coaching will help you become the leader who motivates others to excel. These one-on-one sessions are customized just for you. No matter what your communication or presentation training needs, our consultants can help you develop decisive, compelling content and deliver it with inspiration.

    Motivate The Masses
  • Train the Trainer

    Trainer Certification Program

    Certification & Licensing for Power Presentations Curriculum

    Certify and license your training professionals to implement any Power Presentations’ curriculum within your company. All trainer and participant materials are provided.

    Get Certified