Presentation and Communication Skills Training Programs

Onsite or online we’ll change the way you communicate

  • About Presentation and Communication Skills Training Programs

    Whether you stand and deliver important business presentations, lead or participate in high-profile seated meetings, work on a virtual team or deliver live online training, we can help you!


    We offer customized curriculum for all levels of expertise: Technical, scientific, financial, sales, trainers, managers, executives and emerging leaders.


    All our curriculum can be conducted face-to-face or online, for groups or individuals. Our clients rank us between 9.2-9.6 on a scale of 10 because of our customized programming and extensive personalized coaching.

  • Presentation Skills Training - Core Presentation Skills

    Business Presentations: Standing

    When you stand to deliver an important business presentation, you need to look and sound your best. We have curriculum designed for all levels of expertise that will help you develop decisive audience-focused content, create easy-to-understand PowerPoint presentation slides, and demonstrate confident body language. Ultimately, you’ll master the techniques required for effective presentation skills.

    Present with Power: Program Offerings
  • High Profile Sales Meetings

    Communication Skills: Seated

    You’ve just been invited to the table and you want to learn how to lead a meeting to get noticed.




    Your meetings are out of control and you want to learn how to facilitate challenging discussions with executives to shorten meetings and get your recommendations approved.


    We can recreate your challenging meetings with management involvement to create a dynamic learning experience.

    Meetings that Wow: Program Offerings
  • Online Communication Training

    Presentation Training Online

    Say NO to boring online communications! Here’s how we can help:


    1. Presentation Training from Your Own Desk: All our face-to-face presentation and communication skills training programs can be conducted online.
    2. Lead Productive, Interactive Web Meetings: If you’re on a virtual team, you will learn how to use the tools and technology to become more collaborative.
    3. How to Host a Webinar: If you’re an educator or SME, we will teach you how to captivate your audience through live online learning utilizing all the tools.
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  • Our TOP Mastery® Methodology

    We incorporate our Techniques Of Presenting (TOP) Mastery methodology into every presentation and communication skills training program we conduct. This means we’re not just TELLING you what you should do; we provide individualized coaching on the specific skills you need to master to take you to the TOP of your game.