Power Language for Effective Presentations

People like to be around positive people with a good attitude. We like people who are optimistic about life. If you lead or supervise others, consider the tone of your language and how it may affect the success or failure of those around you.


The language you choose can directly influence another’s opinion of your expertise and knowledge. Negative or critical people can be perceived as lazy, inflexible, combative, rigid, closed-minded and no fun! Positive people attract the energy of others. People go to them for advice and guidance. Positive people are genuinely perceived as more trust worthy and valued. Notice I said perceived. Positive people may lack experience or insight but will express a genuine interest and enthusiasm for your questions or ideas.

Incorporate POWER WORDS into your everyday communications.

Absolutely   Approved   Benefit   Complete   Confident   Direct   Dynamic   Easy   Enthusiastic   Exciting   Exclusive   Excellence   Fascinating Genuine   Honor   Improved   Informative Interesting  Latest  Lifetime  No   Powerful   Practical   Professional   Profitable   Proven   Quality Remarkable   Reliable   Results   Revolutionary   Scarce   Secret   Secure   Strong   Sturdy Successful   Superior   Tested   Tremendous Unconditional   Unique   Unlimited   Unparalleled   Unsurpassed   Valid   Valuable   Wonderful   Yes


Example: John meets with his boss about a new idea to change procedures in production which could eventually shorten the production cycle.

He is excited about this idea and shares his thoughts with his boss. John knows the new idea would initially take some time and money which are scarce resources at this moment.


Boss’s Negative Response: John your idea is not realistic! We do not have any money in the budget to make the conversion and we are already behind in production by three days. Your idea is not reasonable and won’t work.

Question: How motivated is John to go back to his boss with another idea? Maybe the boss is right on this one, but what about the next time?


Boss’s Positive Response: John I appreciate your enthusiasm for a unique idea to improve production. At this time let’s consider taking a look at how practical this idea is and how we can validate spending the extra time and money it would take for this conversion. Why don’t we consider this exciting idea at our next meeting and see if we can determine a profitable procedure for increasing our production quality.

Positive language promotes creativity, excitement and team building. Be a positive person who uses POWER WORDS!

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