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If you want to improve your presentation skills by calming your nerves, appearing more confident and demonstrating conviction for your content, I have good news. There is one skill that you can practice in everyday communication that will help you shine during your next high-profile communication. The answer? Eye contact.

Holding sustained eye contact is the skill that solves a laundry list of additional presentation-related challenges. If you want proof, watch our before and after coaching videos. Below is a video of Pam, a program attendee, before she received any coaching. She is an experienced trainer and does a really nice job. I encourage you to pay attention to the following:

  • Her head movement
  • Her eyes
  • Her speaking pace
  • How frequently she breathes

Following the video, I’ll outline what our consultants told her, then show another short clip of her improvement after she received the coaching.

Before Presentation Skills Coaching

You’ll notice that Pam is doing what many of us were taught to do. She is scanning the room. When you do this, you’re essentially trying to look at everyone, but end up looking at no one.

How we Coached Pam

Watch this 90-second video to see how we coached Pam:

After Presentation Skills Coaching

Take a look at Pam now…

We did not tell her to walk over to people, slow her speaking pace or add in pauses. She did all of  that without prompting because when you hold your eye contact longer on individuals, you naturally connect with them, appear more confident and demonstrate conviction for your content.

How to Practice

You can practice this skill during everyday conversations.

  • The easiest place is to start with family members and notice if they respond differently to you.
  • Experiment during everyday communications with your colleagues, even if you’re having an impromptu conversation in the hallway.
  • If you need to practice for a standing presentation, select objects in the room to serve as individuals. For example, look at a TV monitor, a lamp, a chair or a table to hold your eye contact. This will help you get used to how it feels to hold your eye contact longer.
What’s Next?

Reading this information and practicing on your own is a great first step. However, nothing compares to personalized coaching and seeing yourself on video. To explore how Power Presentations can help improve your presentation skills, show more conviction for your content, demonstrate enthusiasm, and ultimately improve business results, contact us below.

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