Storytelling Techniques for your Next Business Presentation

Question submitted from one of our members:

In a previous blog, you suggest telling a personal story to grab the audience’s attention. I’m having a hard time with how that would work for me. Could you provide some additional detail?


Sheri’s Response: People love to listen to stories. Here are some key tips on the best way to tell a story in a business presentation.

  • Relate: Make sure the story relates to your topic. The story should make a point that helps emphasize your position.
  • Own: Tell your own story. This is important because you can relive the event. It will allow your personality to shine through during your talk.
  • Short: The story should be short! Keep it under two minutes.
  • Enthusiasm: The best stories are ones that are lively and fun. People enjoy listening to your experiences. It helps the audience get to know you and like you.
  • Personalize: When providing a lot of information it is important to humanize the material. You can share how this information helped a client or colleague.

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