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Often times when I deliver a presentation, there are refreshments for everyone in the room. I generally drink a cup of coffee, but I’m realizing that it makes me too jittery. Can you offer any tips regarding what works and what to avoid at a typical morning buffet?

Sheri’s Response: Believe it or not, water at room temperature with a slice of lemon is best. That’s it.

Coffee isn’t a good idea before a presentation. In fact, you should stay away from caffeine all together, even if you don’t normally react to it. Your natural adrenaline kick plus additional caffeine will give you the shakes or a nervous stomach.

Be careful of ice water, it can constrict your throat. Avoid dairy products because they make your mouth dry and coat your vocal cords. You should also avoid sodas. Sugar dries out your mouth, caffeine can give you the shakes and carbonation might make you burp!

Lastly, be sure to keep your drink away from your visuals and your computer!

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