Webinar Training: How to Keep Your Webinar Attendees Engaged


Your goal is to conduct virtual communications that keep your attendees interested and informed. But when people attend webinars and web meetings, they have shorter attention spans and feel less accountable. So how do you keep your audience engaged instead of off checking their e-mail?


1. Provide guidelines for focused participation. At the start of your session, tell your listeners to shut their office doors and close their e-mail. Even if they don’t actually do this, at least you’ve established your expectations.


2. Check in periodically. Don’t just talk non-stop. Every two or three slides, reach out to see if there are questions or comments. Get people to type in the chat box. Don’t ignore your attendees, or they will ignore you.


3. Use people’s names. This personalizes your message. If someone hears their name, they will be more likely to pay attention and process what you are telling them.


These quick and easy tips will help your listeners stay enthralled!


Make Every Presentation Great,
Sheri Jeavons
Virtual Communications Coach

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