Webinar Tip: Take the Technology for a Test Drive


When you host webinars and web meetings, you want to look prepared and professional.  But nothing can ruin that desired image more than being unfamiliar with the technology you are using.  If you can’t figure out how to get attendees to see your slides or use interaction tools, your presentation will look unprofessional now matter how good your delivery and content are.  To make sure a technology snafu doesn’t ruin your online presentation, use these tips:


1. Practice beforehand.  Do a run-through of your presentation on the webinar technology you will be using.  Make sure you know how to advance your slides, share documents, and use interaction tools like video and chat.  If you don’t know how to use the software, take a tutorial.


2. Do a sound-check.  Ask someone to get on the call early with you so they can help you make sure that your phone or headset is loud and clear enough.


3. Have tech support.  Have someone on the call with you who knows the software and can help you if something goes wrong.  If you can’t get anyone like this, make sure you have quick access to a tech support phone number for the software.


Technological mishaps can still happen even if you’re prepared and knowledgeable about the software.  What have you experienced? Tell me about your technical trouble and how you handled it.


Make Every Presentation Great,

Sheri Jeavons
Virtual Communications Coach

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