You want to be confident and relaxed so you can deliver presentations that make people listen and take action.  But even the most experienced presenter can get nervous before an important presentation.  One tool you can use to help reduce nervousness is to visualize your success.  If you imagine yourself succeeding, you will be more likely to do so in reality. Implement the following techniques prior to your next presentation to get on track for success:


  1. Close your eyes and picture giving your presentation.  Imagine yourself gesturing.  Imagine the audience response: picture them smiling and nodding at what you have to say.  Even picture the room and the clothes that you will present in, so that you can see yourself realistically succeeding. 
  2. Write out positive statements affirming your skills and the desired audience response.  Phrase the statements realistically and as if you have already given the presentation.  For example, write, “I calmly answered tough questions,” or “My boss said I sounded knowledgeable and convincing.”  Focus on these statements for a few minutes. 
  3. Take deep breaths.  Slow, deep breathing releases tension in your body and slows down your heart rate.  Breathing puts you in a relaxed state that will help you keep an open mind about your presentation.


Visualizing is a simple way to relax and build confidence, which will help you give better presentations.  Visualizing your success helps make that success a reality!

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