Join Sheri Jeavons at the Training 2019 Conference & Expo in Orlando.

  • Breakout Session Topic: Enhance Your Training and Facilitation Skills: Inspire and Empower Your Learners
  • Date and Time: February 27 from 9:45-10:45 a.m.

As trainers and facilitators your goal is to take command of the room, show enthusiasm for your content and keep learners captivated through dynamic facilitation skills and strong body language. It’s one thing to be told how to become a dynamic facilitator. This session provides you the opportunity to practice it. Sheri Jeavons will coach volunteers to transform their facilitation skills and demonstrate immediate improvement, allowing everyone to witness actionable techniques to implement during their next training event. Discover the three factors that influence an audience, how to present information in a relaxed and natural style, and the six key physical skills to become a confident trainer, regardless of the topic or audience.

Learn to:

  • Enhance your communication skills to become a more confident facilitator and educator.
  • Implement techniques to motivate and engage your learners.
  • Transform your facilitation style in as little as 60 seconds.


Learn more about our Motivate, Educate, Facilitate presentation skills training program designed specifically for trainers and educators.



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