There’s no doubt that we’re addicted to e-mail.  However, in this on-demand world we have become extremely informal in our communications. This can pose a real problem when it comes to credibility and professionalism.  Here’s how you can make your everyday e-mails stand out from the rest of the clutter:

  1. Use a specific subject line.
  2. Have a clear purpose.
  3. Check punctuation, sentence structure and spelling.
  4. Read e-mails 3 times before sending.
  5. If it’s an important correspondence, leave it for a while and come back to read it again before you click send.
  6. Add the “to” address after you’ve completed the e-mail. That way you won’t accidentally send it before it’s ready to go.

Implementing these simple steps can help increase your productivity and credibility.

Make Every Presentation Great!

Sheri Jeavons

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