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Two Minutes to Stop Saying “Umm” and Other Non-Words [Video]

How do you stop saying “umm” and other non-words? Whether you communicate online or in person, help is here!  Watch Sheri’s step-by-step instructions to start increasing your credibility today. Communication Training for Your Professionals Let’s talk about how we can coach your professional online or face-to-face to look and sound dynamic for all types of …

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Online Communication Training to Engage Attendees

Do you need online communication training to engage attendees? You’ve come to the right place. When communication online, your voice serves as your main connection with attendees. It is important that you sound confident and decisive to maintain their attention. To do this, consider implementing the following techniques:   Six tips to Engage Your Virtual …

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Use Your Webcam for Engaging Online Communications

Video can be a great way to connect with your virtual audiences during webinars.  By periodically and briefly using a webcam during online presentations, you can capture your audience’s attention and add a personal touch that helps them identify your voice with your picture.  Use the following tips to help your use of video be …

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Presentation Skills And Simple Slides

Keep Your Slides Simple When you deliver an online presentation, you want your slides to be captivating.  To achieve this, don’t simply take your existing slides from live presentations and put them into your webinar—it won’t work!  On a webinar, your audience is more easily distracted, has a shorter attention span, and can’t see you …

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