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Business Presentation Training: Sell Your Ideas with Sensational Content

Business Presentation Training: Sell Your Ideas with Sensational Content When people are trying to write great content for their presentations, they often become “stuck” and feel overwhelmed by the fact that they have too much information for the time allotted. They often put off writing their presentation, then scramble at the last minute to throw …

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Sales Presentation Skills

Sales Presentation Skills to Close More Sales Are you a sales professional looking to create a competitive edge? When your products and services are similar to those of your competitors, it’s up to you, the sales professional, to stand out with stellar sales presentation skills. In this 90-second video, Sheri Jeavons reveals tips to kick …

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Sales Presentation Skills: Time to Sell

Are you and your colleagues overwhelmed? Everyone has too many tasks to accomplish and not enough time. Too many emails, too many phone calls and too many meetings take professionals away from their most important job… selling! If you need to sell, how do you cut through the clutter? Your sales presentation skills will set …

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Presentation Skills Video: The Sneak Peak

Improve Your PowerPoint Presentation Skills with the Sneak Peek   Have you ever been in the middle of a presentation when all of a sudden your mind goes completely blank? You’re delivering your content and next thing you know, you’re at a total loss for what to say next. When this happens, you may start …

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