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Five Tips to Improve Listening Skills

Techniques to Improve Listening Skills Effective communication requires both speaking and listening. While most people have the speaking part down; few have mastered the art of listening. Even if you think you’re an expert listener, consider these alarming research findings: On average, viewers who watch and listen to the evening news can only recall 17 …

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Presentation Skills Video: Enhance Your Executive Presence

Enhance Your Executive Presence Whether you are proposing ideas and recommendations to a decision maker or want to appear more credible during meetings, this presentation tip will help you enhance your executive presence, increase your confidence and help you achieve your goals. In fact, there is one technique you can implement right now to enhance your …

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Presentation Skills Tips to Enhance Your Credibility Today

Three Qualities to Enhance Your Credibility Today   You want your co-workers, colleagues and managers to view you as credible. It doesn’t matter if you’re the CEO or a brand new hire, you want people to trust you and believe in you. But how do you build credibility?   According to Kouzes and Posner’s book …

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