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Business Communication Training: The Trouble with E-Mail

There’s no doubt that we’re addicted to e-mail.  However, in this on-demand world we have become extremely informal in our communications. This can pose a real problem when it comes to credibility and professionalism.  Here’s how you can make your everyday e-mails stand out from the rest of the clutter: Use a specific subject line. …

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Effective Communication Skills for Short Meetings

Make the Most of Your Ten-Minute Meeting In response to the questions I received regarding my previous blog about communicating with executives, I’d like to provide some additional guidance on these critical communications.   In order to make your recommendations short, sweet and to the point, consider using the Ten-Minute Solution Process. If you organize …

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Communication Skills: How to Communicate with Executives

When communicating with an E-Level professional, you must be decisive, persuasive and concise. Time is the biggest issue for any executive. So how do you make the most of your meeting? Respect their time. Be early and end on time. Have a prepared agenda. State early on what decisions need to be made and what …

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Presentation Course: Remember What to Say

What is one of the worst things that can happen while delivering a presentation?  Forgetting what to say!  We’ve all been there.  You’ll be going through your presentation, everything seems to be fine, then BAM!  You have no idea what to say next.  What do you do?  You may start to ramble or begin using …

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