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Public Speaking Tip: Stand While Presenting

Stand Up for Yourself One way to enhance your professional presence and get noticed is to stand when you present your ideas. It may feel awkward at first, especially if it isn’t common practice at your place of business, but it will help you gain visibility for your ideas and knowledge. It will also show …

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Communication Skills: Honesty is the Best Policy

When the going gets tough, the tough get going.  During these challenging times, this means that you need to take charge and lead your team or department to accomplish your goals and overcome challenges. But what’s the best way to be a leader?  According to The Leadership Challenge by Kouzes and Posner, the No. 1 …

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Online Communication Skills: Tips to Maintain Attendees’ Attention

Conduct Webinars They’ll Adore, Not Abhor To keep your virtual audience from tuning out of your presentation, consider using interaction tools every one to two minutes. This lets your audience know that you’ll be asking for their input, looking for their response and requesting questions. No matter what web-based meeting platform you use, it surely …

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Public Speaking Tips to Engage Your Audience

Public Speaking Tips to Engage Your Audience   The No. 1 way to keep your audience’s attention is to focus your content on what THEY need to know. It’s easy to develop your content based on what you want to tell them, but it is critical that you take a step back and think like …

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Presentation Tips: How to Respond While Under Fire

On the Hot Seat? How to Respond While Under Fire Between layoffs, budget cuts, shortened work weeks and more work than we can handle, chances are someone is going to catch you off guard with an issue that you’ll need to deal with on the spot. When this happens you may tend to ramble, make …

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