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Presentation Training Video: How to Eliminate Filler Words and Non Words

Have you ever sat through a presentation and counted how many times the presenter uses the word “um,” “like,” or “so?” We know that using them impacts your credibility and makes you seem unsure of your content. Are you guilty of this offense? How do you eliminate filler words or pesky non-words? People become obsessed …

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Presentation Training: How to Walk with Confidence

Presentation Training: Walk with Confidence When I conduct presentation training, people often struggle with movement. They’ll pace the room or create a distracting figure eight pattern. If you like to walk while presenting, there is a simple process you can follow to walk with confidence, create a strong connection with your audience and ultimately increase …

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Public Speaking Tips to Reduce Nervousness

Four Public Speaking Tips to Reduce Nervousness Whether you give presentations once a month or once a year, you likely experience some nervousness during your presentation. Regardless of the exact symptoms you feel—shaky knees, sweaty palms, dry mouth, butterflies in your stomach, or just a general sense of apprehension—rest assured that these public speaking tips …

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Presentation Skills Video: Enhance Your Executive Presence

Enhance Your Executive Presence Whether you are proposing ideas and recommendations to a decision maker or want to appear more credible during meetings, this presentation tip will help you enhance your executive presence, increase your confidence and help you achieve your goals. In fact, there is one technique you can implement right now to enhance your …

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Tips for an Effective Power Point Presentation: Touch, Turn and Talk

Tips for an Effective Power Point Presentation: Touch, Turn and Talk   If you’re ever in a bind and have to rush to put a presentation together the morning it’s due, here’s a trick that will help you remember all the content and deliver it smoothly. The technique is called “Touch, Turn and Talk”. Watch …

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