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Ten Tips for Online Meetings

Ten Tips for Online Meetings Meeting online has become fundamental to team collaboration, training, project management, and business growth. While most of us are used to going on webcam and screen sharing, there is still a lot of room for improvement. It’s time to stop muddling through online meetings, get organized, and be more productive …

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Two Tips to Conduct Productive Web Meetings

Tips to Conduct Productive Web Meetings As more companies employ a remote workforce, web meetings are the obvious choice to keep everyone on the same page. While your goal is to conduct effective, engaging and productive web meetings, your experience may have been the exact opposite.   At Power Presentations, we conduct A LOT of web …

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Tips to Lead Productive Online Meetings

Your goal is to conduct  productive online meetings and provide an efficient way to manage virtual teams.   However, you’ve likely experienced web meetings that are ineffective and frustrating. Colleagues may show up late, experience technical difficulties or multi-task. This leaves everyone feeling frustrated and disconnected.   The following tips will help you conduct productive …

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