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Online Communication Training to Transform Live Training into Virtual

Three Tips to Transform Live Training into Virtual   As a trainer, you thrive on audience interaction. When you are in the room with your learners, you know whether or not you have their attention. You can read their reaction and change your presentation as needed based on their feedback. It’s what you do best …

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How to Host a Webinar: Slide Development

How to Create Great Webinars: Slide Development:   When I ask my webinar attendees what they find boring or frustrating about Webinars, I often hear about boring slides, a lack of interaction, and about presenters who read text straight from the slides. We’ve all been there… mind numbing, isn’t it? Here are a few tips …

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Engage Your Webinar Attendees With Effective Presentation Skills

Webinar Training: How to Keep Your Webinar Attendees Engaged   Your goal is to conduct virtual communications that keep your attendees interested and informed. But when people attend webinars and web meetings, they have shorter attention spans and feel less accountable. So how do you keep your audience engaged instead of off checking their e-mail? …

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