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Online Communication Skills Video: Lead a Productive Online Meeting

How to Lead a Productive Online Meeting When leading a productive online meeting meeting, your goal is to be engaging and informative. However, if you’ve made the switch to online meetings, you’ve likely discovered a whole new set of challenges. Colleagues may show up late, talk over each other, multitask, and leave you feeling disconnected. …

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Live Online Training Video: Webcam Best Practices

How to Create Great Webinars Using your Webcam By now we all know about the physical disconnect that occurs with Webinars and Web meetings. There is a way around it. Watch my video blog for tips to use the webcam effectively.     Make Every Presentation Great! Sheri Jeavons  

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Online Communication Training to Stay on Track, on Topic and on Time

Web Meetings: Tips to Stay on Track, on Topic and on Time   If you were hoping that online meetings or web meetings would fall by the wayside, I’m afraid you’re out of luck. Global markets are in distress. Budgets are cut. Travel isn’t an option. More companies are turning to web-based communication to stay …

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Online Communication Training: Know Your Technology

Webinar Tip: Take the Technology for a Test Drive   When you host webinars and web meetings, you want to look prepared and professional.  But nothing can ruin that desired image more than being unfamiliar with the technology you are using.  If you can’t figure out how to get attendees to see your slides or …

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