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How to Pitch an Idea: Cut the Clutter and Get to YES!

Learn What Executives Want to Hear: How to Pitch an Idea Getting recommendations approved in this virtual landscape is more challenging than ever. The way you structure and present your ask will make or break your pitch. Follow these four steps to cut the clutter and get to YES! What you should say first. Do …

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Improve Your Business Communication Skills: Respond to Challenging Problems

  We’ve all been caught off guard with tough questions or problems that require an immediate solution. If you’re like many of the people I talk to,  you lack the business communication skills required to offer solutions on the fly, particularly in a delicate situation. Even though people often expect an immediate response, you may …

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How to Shorten Your Business Meeting

Five Secrets to Shorten Your Business Meeting and Get Your Recommendations Approved   Have you ever wondered why some people can go into an important business meeting and get their agenda or recommendations approved quickly and easily, while you can barely get the person or team you’re interacting with to take notice of your ideas? …

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ATD ICE 2018: Effective Presentation Skills for High-Profile Meetings

Join Sheri Jeavons at the ATD 2018 International Conference & Expo in San Diego, CA. Come celebrate ATD’s 75th anniversary with opening keynote speaker, President Barack Obama!   Her educational session, Three Techniques to Increase Your Impact During High-Profile Meetings, takes place on May 6 at 11:45 a.m.   During this interactive session, you’ll learn the number one …

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