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Presentation Tips: Guidelines for PowerPoint Slides

I often receive questions about guidelines for PowerPoint slides and how they should be used.  Some people believe PowerPoint is simply an awful tool.  I maintain that the problem is not with the tool or the technology but with how the presenter uses it. It will be a distraction if you cram a bunch of …

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Communication Skills for Dealing with Difficult Questions

When it comes to dealing with difficult questions, we’ve all been there… You’ve survived your presentation. You’ve delivered all your content, and you feel like things went well. Then, you utter the daring phrase, “Are there any questions?” That’s when you feel your confidence slip away. So, how do you handle difficult questions? The following …

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Five Tips to Develop an Effective Business Presentation

Five Tips to Develop an Effective Business Presentation Your goal is to develop and deliver an engaging and effective business presentation. However, if you’re like many professionals I’ve met over the years, developing an effective business presentation can be a daunting task. When you sit down to start writing, you will likely have dozens of …

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Must-Know Secrets for Effective Presentations

When you are in the middle of a presentation and suddenly forget what to say, what do you do? Do you ramble, turn around and read your slides, or starting saying “um” and “ah” while you try to get back on track? Here’s a helpful tip. Pause and breathe. It really can be that simple. …

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Presentation Skills: Tips to Keep Your Audience’s Attention

Five Tips to Maintain Your Audience’s Attention While Presenting Whenever you give a presentation, you need to keep your audience’s attention so they leave informed and excited, not confused and bored.  Try implementing the following suggestions to keep your audience captivated throughout: Personal Story/Anecdote:  Tell a brief (under two minutes) and relevant personal story to …

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