Many of you struggle with developing content for your presentations. You may spend hours compiling information and putting it in a format that makes sense to you, only to deliver it to an audience of yawns and blank stares. There is an easy remedy for this problem called the TOP Mastery Craft Compelling Content Format.


The first step in this process is to think about your audience. Who are they? What do they want to leave your presentation knowing? What’s in it for them?


The second step is a compelling introduction. This consists of four elements and should be delivered in approximately two minutes.

  1. Open/Goal Statement:  Highlight the audiences’ goal for your topic.
  2. Current Situation: Briefly review the audience’s current situation as it relates to the information you are about to offer.
  3. Agenda Topics: Briefly list the topics you will cover during the presentation to help solve your audience’s problems.
  4. Value Statements: Highlight the value the audience will realize as a result of implementing your recommendation.

Make Every Presentation Great!

Sheri Jeavons

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