Are you and your colleagues overwhelmed? Everyone has too many tasks to accomplish and not enough time. Too many emails, too many phone calls and too many meetings take professionals away from their most important job… selling! If you need to sell, how do you cut through the clutter? Your sales presentation skills will set you apart. 

Four Tips to Improve Your Sales Presentation

  1. Stand up: Create a higher profile for your message by standing and presenting your ideas, products or budgets to the key players.
  2. Skip the casual meetings and round table discussions where agendas are forgotten and decisions get postponed.
  3. Request shorter meetings with tighter agendas.
  4. Let your client know that you will stand to deliver your information and will welcome discussion throughout your presentation. Standing will create a sense of urgency for your message.

No Time to Waste

Your goal is to get agreement on issues and move forward immediately with a clear focus. Standing while you present allows for greater concentration on the issue and makes it easier to request resolution.

Sales professionals, it is time to elevate your level of contact, request more formal presentations and ask for the business now!

Let’s go! Enough waiting and watching! Get that positive attitude, get focused and start making things happen!

What’s Next?

To take your skills to the next level, attend our sales presentation training program.

Check out our free public speaking tip videos on our YouTube channel.

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