Sales Presentation Skills to Close More Sales

Are you a sales professional looking to create a competitive edge? When your products and services are similar to those of your competitors, it’s up to you, the sales professional, to stand out with stellar sales presentation skills.

In this 90-second video, Sheri Jeavons reveals tips to kick off your very next sales meeting, enhance your sales presentation skills, stand out from your competitors, and ultimately close more sales:


Two Tips to Close More Sales: Sales Presentation Skills


As Sheri revealed in the video, once you’re talking with a client and have asked probing questions  and are ready to deliver your pitch, the following two steps will help you kick off your presentation


  1. The very first thing that comes out of your mouth should be something like this, or you can use this exact phrase: “What’s most important to you is…” Then state what those things are. They told you that in your probing.
  2. The next thing you say is, “Therefore, I’d like to talk to you about…” this product or this service.

If you state these two simple steps, the client is going to realize that you are focused on their needs. When they hear that, they’re going to want to do business with you.


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