How to Deliver a Busy Slide

Power Presentations specializes in presentation skills for technical professionals. We understand the challenges you face. As a technical professional, you must develop complex information and deliver it in a way that makes sense to those with less expertise. Inevitably, you’re going to have to present a busy slide. When your audience sees a slide packed with technical details, they tend to check out. Watch Sheri review how to deliver a busy slide:


Presentation Skills for Technical Professionals

Here are technical presentation training tips to help you communicate your complex, technical information:

  1. Explain what the slide is about. This is usually your agenda topic at the top of the slide.
  2. Guide their eyes where you want them to look. Tell them: “Go to the lower left. Look at the upper right-hand corner. Go to the column C.”
  3. Explain this information.
  4. Here’s the key to your success. Once you’ve explained the information, tell them why the information is good. How will it help them?

When you can guide their eyes through a busy technical slide, you’re going to be much more successful and that information will help them make good business decisions.


Looking for more information?
Power Presentations offers a variety of presentation skills programs designed specifically for different levels of expertise

  • Training for technical professionals:  This presentation skills training will help you develop and deliver decisive content so others see you as a confident and knowledgeable expert.
  • Presentation skills training for scientific professionals: Attend this program to be seen as a credible expert when educating, informing and persuading medical professionals, staff and consumers about your research, drugs and devices.

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