How to Develop Dynamic Presentations

In order to deliver dynamic presentations, you need to kick your presentation off with a high-impact introduction. The way you start your presentation determines whether or not your audience will listen to what you have to say, believe in you or will buy into your ideas.

In the following video, Sheri Jeavons provides a step-by-step  process to develop a compelling two-minute introduction that will position you as a confident speaker, engage your audience, and make them excited to hear more of what you have to say.


Four Steps to Create an Effective Introduction

To summarize, the four steps in the introduction process are:

  1. Goal Statement. This is the number one thing you are going to say to create excitement for your business presentation.
  2. Current Situation. Validate that you feel your audience’s pain and understand their problems and challenges.
  3. Agenda Topics. These are the topics you will discuss that are going to solve your audience’s problems.
  4. Audience Benefit Statements. State to your audience what’s in it for them and tell them why they should listen to you.

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