I know it’s tempting to sit at your desk and read over your notes or run through your speech in your head and call it a practice session.  In all reality, reviewing the information is helpful, but it doesn’t truly count as a practice session. The main problem is that it’s just not realistic. The added stress of standing up in front of an audience creates a whole new dynamic and it’s important that you practice under realistic conditions. The following tips will help you make the most of your practice sessions:

1. Strive for three complete practice sessions (using visual aids and speaking out loud).

2. Don’t memorize your presentation! Use your PowerPoint slides to prompt your memory and remember what to say.

3. Ideally you should practice in the same room (or a similar room) to the one in which you will deliver your presentation. Wear similar clothes to what you will wear on that day. It will help create a realistic situation, making you all the more comfortable when the day to present arrives.

Make Every Presentation Great,
Sheri Jeavons

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