Attention Pittsburgh: Enhance Your Training and Facilitation Skills


As trainers and facilitators your goal is to take command of the room, show enthusiasm for your content and keep learners captivated. To accomplish this, you need to incorporate dynamic facilitation skills, strong body language and keep your attendees on track, on topic and on time.


Join Sheri Jeavons and the ATD Pittsburgh Chapter from 6:00-8:00 p.m. Eastern on March 14 to learn specific techniques you can implement to enhance your training and facilitation skills.


During this interactive session, volunteers will receive personalized coaching to transform their facilitation skills.


You will learn:

  • Five qualities of a dynamic facilitator
  • Three factors that influence an audience
  • Tips to become a confident trainer, regardless of the topic or audience
  • How to present your information in a relaxed and natural style
  • A process to handle challenging questions with ease

This interactive, hands-on session will empower you to project confidence and conviction for your curriculum while motivating and engaging learners.


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What others are saying about this session:


“We thoroughly enjoyed working with Sheri and the Power Presentations team. Sheri’s effervescent style and engaging approach inspired many of our participants to volunteer for an invaluable on the spot coaching experience. It’s always a good thing to walk away from a workshop with new skills personalized to your needs. The whole room benefited from the great tips and fun immersive opportunity to explore new ways to present your message honoring your own style.”


-Barbara Shaw

VP of Programming, ATD Rocky Mountain Chapter


“Sheri brought great energy and engagement to the ATD Detroit chapter meeting last week. While the official member survey results are not yet in, the buzz around my table contained all positive reviews. I’ve been highly recommending Sheri to other chapters looking for speakers ever since.”


-Laura Vavrek

President, ATD Detroit


“As a training consultant, we strive to create training solutions that are both meaningful and memorable. Having recently attended Sheri Jeavons’ session “Enhance Your Training and Facilitation Skills: How to Inspire and Empower People to Learn”, I can truly say she hit the mark.  I found her session to be one (if not the best) training sessions that I have attended in the past several years.  Sheri’s superior presentation skills “empowered” me to evaluate my own facilitation style and “learn” through her insightful activities and materials what it takes to become better.  Thanks Sheri.


-Todd Mccormick

Executive Director, OE Learning

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