Troy Perry

Communication Consultant, Dynamic, Straightforward

Troy Perry, Communication Training Consultant

With more than twenty years of facilitation and instructional design experience, including fifteen years in the virtual classroom, Troy brings a dynamic and engaging learning perspective to Power Presentations’ programs. He has designed and facilitated technical and non-technical training, with an emphasis on leadership and professional development, organizational strategy and execution, and competency management and assurance.


As a Texas Master Peace Officer and Police Instructor, Troy led learning and development teams and programs in law enforcement. Since retiring, he has helped professionals from the front line to the C Suite in various industries, including oil and gas, construction, technology, safety and security, and insurance, to maximize their potential, achieve personal goals and maximize organizational results.


He earned a bachelor’s degree in organizational leadership and a master’s degree in strategic leadership. Troy has also completed approximately 30 hours of post-graduate work in industrial and organizational psychology.


Troy lives on a small family farm in Central Texas, where he spends his off-time working for the Chief “FarmHer” (his wife!).

Q&A Session

Three words that describe me

Passionate, Dynamic and Straightforward

Career-defining moment

Moving from a law enforcement background to the corporate world was a huge change for me. What made the transition successful was my first “corporate” manager and mentor. She truly modeled what leadership is all about. My goal is to help other leaders and professionals maximize both their potential and that of those around them.

Something unique about me

I was quite the wild child growing up. If it was dangerous, then I probably tried it! From racing motorcycles to riding bulls I had a lot of unique adventures!