Sheri Jeavons

President, Founder, Fearless Leader

President and Founder

When Sheri founded Power Presentations in 1993, she had two goals in mind. The first was to empower business professionals through personalized coaching to look and sound dynamic while communicating in any situation. The second was to create a training program that professionals would leave saying, “That was the best training I’ve ever attended. Ever.”


When business began to grow, Sheri realized she was going to need some help getting things done. From there she built her team and honed her management skills. While the pace is intense and the bar is high… that’s just the way Sheri likes it. She is the master delegator who generates new ideas, initiatives and higher goals to keep her team hopping.


With the help of her management team and consultants, Sheri has successfully trained more than 30,000 professionals from a variety of Fortune 500 Companies and industry leaders such as FedEx, Marathon Petroleum, Goodyear, Bayer and NASA.


She has also become a leader on the topic of virtual communications. She is known as the Virtual Communications Coach and has been selected to speak on the topic at many industry-leading training conferences. She is also the author of Tips for your Talk® and Master your Virtual Communications: A Webinars that Wow® Training Guide.


Because Sheri travels so much, she splits her free time between Cleveland, Ohio and Orange County, California where she enjoys hiking, golf and visiting wine country.

Q&A Session

Three words that describe me

Passionate, driven, loyal

Career-defining moment

After I was laid off, I decided to start my own business. With $2,000 in the bank and a passion for presenting, Power Presentations was born.

Something unique about me

I am constantly eating. I drive my friends crazy because I am always snacking or asking when we are going to eat. It has become a big joke, especially if we are traveling or driving somewhere. They will always say, “When is your next food stop?!” Nuts, fruit, peanut butter, cheese are my go-to snacks.