Farrah Koudsi

Communication Consultant, Patient, Life-Long-Learner

Farrah is a global training and organizational development leader with more than 20 years of experience in learning and development, organizational and leadership training instruction, and executive coaching. She is a skilled and passionate facilitator across interactive and in-person training methodologies with extensive training program development expertise and an Instructional Design & E-Learning Certification. Farrah is multilingual in English, French & Arabic and has experience developing and leading international, cross-cultural training programs.


Besides her bachelor’s degree, Farrah has multiple industry certifications including certifications in International Teaching & Training, Management, Leadership, Customer Service & Hospitality, Emotional Intelligence, Instructional Design, E-Learning, Professional Selling, and SAFe Agile.

Q&A Session

Three words that describe me

Patient, Life-long-learner, Empathetic

Career-defining moment

I began my career in biochemistry and pharmaceuticals, but everything changed when I started leading seminars and workshops for physicians. My managers recognized my natural talent for teaching and saw the potential for me to become a trainer, focusing on imparting technical knowledge and soft skills. This transition marked a significant turning point in my career as I transitioned into learning and development. Sharing my experiences and transferring knowledge to others was incredibly fulfilling, and I m so grateful for this transition in my career.

Something unique about me

In addition to being an instructional designer, I also have a passion for baking and cake design. I find it therapeutic and a great way to unwind from work. Whether it's creating fun, whimsical designs for kids or elegant cakes for special occasions, I genuinely enjoy the process. However, I enjoy teaching others how to do it the most. There's something incredibly rewarding about sharing my knowledge and seeing others discover the joy of creating their own beautiful and delicious cakes.