Edith Rian, PhD

Communication Consultant, Curious, Inspiring

Edith Rian Presentation skills training consultant

Based in Germany

Edith has spent more than 15 years as a manager in the life sciences sector, both in academic research, start-ups and large biotech corporations. As a young and ambitious PhD graduate, she was convinced that her career was going to be within medical research. However, while serving as a group leader at a cancer research hospital in Oslo, Edith discovered that she was passionately curious about what makes people perform well, both as individuals and in teams. After discovering that leadership is a vital component in determining performance, she went on to study leadership and coaching in business school, and to focus on people development.


After moving from Norway to Germany with her family and working for a Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company in Germany, she started her own business as a leadership trainer and coach. One of her keen interests is helping people understand that we are often very different when it comes to perceiving information and getting engaged and motivated. Therefore, she pays particular attention to development of listening skills and to honing the communication to gain an empathetic, influential edge.


Edith has a Master of Executive Management, coaching diplomas in performance coaching and corporate and executive coaching, as well as a Master of Science in biotechnology and a PhD in molecular medicine.


Edith lives in Bonn, Germany where she and her family enjoy being part of a multi-cultural international community. She sings in a choir, loves to run, work out, travel, and experience the nature and history of Europe.

Q&A Session

Three words that describe me

Empathetic, curious, inspiring

Career-defining moment

I had initiated the first leadership training for young scientists at a cancer research hospital and finished my first coaching training. I can still feel the warm engagement and the sense of direction that this created.

Something unique about me

I have a deep interest in evolutionary biology, and I love to explore how our behavior and our thoughts and emotions may have been shaped by evolution. Running and hiking in forests gives me peace.