Debbie Halkovics

Vice President of Sales

Vice President of Sales

Debbie brings 25 years of sales, management, marketing and training experience to Power Presentations.


She began her career in sales at a Steelcase furniture dealership as an Account Manager and quickly rose through the ranks to become General Manager of Services. During her eight-year tenure, Debbie launched new lines of business and increased remanufacturing sales by more than 600 percent.


Next, Debbie transitioned to Diebold Nixdorf where she spent ten years selling to Fortune 500 clients. Debbie earned a role as Certified Advisor for new sales associates, coaching solution development and product application. In this role, Debbie advanced her skills in coaching, high profile communication and management.


Debbie then moved into the highly competitive event rental industry. She helped expand the company’s reach by first achieving her sales goals and then, from an advanced position, developing sales training, productivity tools, and process improvements. In this capacity, Debbie honed her message that communication skills are vital to any growth strategy. To ensure her team stood out among the sea of competitors, she coached them to build a personal brand that reflected expertise, excellence, confidence and empathy.  This helped to make the sales professionals themselves the unquestionable reason a client should say yes!


It was a natural transition for Debbie to bring her passion for communication excellence to Power Presentations, where she can continue to spread the message about the importance of communication skills and build the next generation of leaders.


Debbie resides in Cleveland, Ohio. When she has time for fun, she heads west to Park City, Utah, to ski and work her way through all her favorite eateries on Main Street.


Q&A Session

Three words that describe me

Driven, resourceful, engaging

Career-defining moment

After graduating college with a degree in the arts, I worked as a designer but discovered a passion and talent for sales. The owner of the firm I worked for would not permit me to speak with clients about additional solutions that could help them and additionally grow the firm’s business. I spontaneously gave my two weeks’ notice and jumped into professional sales. This was one of my favorite decisions. I love building client relationships and I have been driving toward my sales targets ever since.

Something unique about me

As a teenage musician, my music professor identified that I had perfect pitch. It is a rare ability for a person to identify a musical note without the benefit of a reference tone. Music was a hobby for me so unfortunately, I disappointed my instructor when I decided to leap off to college to study design and business.