Andora Gandy

Account Manager, Consultant, Introspective

Andora brings more than 19 years of experience in sales, management, training, consulting and leadership development to Power Presentations’ programs. She is a passionate facilitator who is skilled in training design, curriculum development, and creating solid learning environments that translate to life-long learning.


Most recently, Andora worked at Vocus, a cloud-based public relations software company. As the director of training, she was responsible for developing, designing and delivering training to more than 600 sales professionals. In this capacity, she improved the onboarding process by increasing training from two to four weeks. This enabled trainers to provide more detailed information and learning reinforcement, thereby creating a fully prepared and knowledgeable workforce. She also created a leadership development program from the ground up, which was successfully implemented.


Prior to this, Andora spent 15 years with Gannett where she moved through the ranks at various news organizations including The Montgomery Advertiser, The Tennessean, and Gannett Corporate. During this timeframe she held roles as sales associate, sales manager, sales trainer and the director of training.


Andora graduated with a bachelor’s degree from the University of Alabama where she majored in advertising and communications. She lives in Virginia where she enjoys yoga and has been accused of being “too inspirational.” Andora is thankful for this compliment! To her, inspiration is how she connects with people and gets them to see something different today than they did yesterday.

Q&A Session

Three words that describe me

Passionate, Friendly, Introspective

Career-defining moment

When I left Gannett after 15 years, I realized how critical stepping out of my comfort zone was to my success. I’m thankful for those 15 years; but even more thankful I had the courage to step out and really learn who I am outside of “comfort.”

Something unique about me

Outside of facilitation, I am very passionate about educating parents and children about how to eat healthier.