On the Hot Seat? How to Respond While Under Fire

Between layoffs, budget cuts, shortened work weeks and more work than we can handle, chances are someone is going to catch you off guard with an issue that you’ll need to deal with on the spot. When this happens you may tend to ramble, make excuses or just get flustered.

Keeping our four-step Impromptu Process in mind will help you organize your thoughts and diffuse a potentially difficult situation:

  • Step 1: Opening Statement: Your opening statement must be in response to the question or problem.  Make it a positive one or two sentence statement that addresses what the person originally wanted from you, but has not yet received.
  • Step 2: State the Problem: Clearly state what you believe the problem or request to be.
  • Step 3: Give Solutions: Present at least two solutions. Avoid giving excuses.
  • Step 4: Close: Summarize what you have said and state your willingness to solve the problem. Give specific direction as to what needs to happen next.

Make every presentation great!

Sheri Jeavons

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