It’s All About Them

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “What’s in it for me?”. And you realize that when you listen to a presentation, you pay attention to the parts that have value for you. So… when you develop a presentation, do you think about your audience and what information is most beneficial to them? Or do you delve right into what you want to tell them?


The fastest way to lose an audience is to ignore their needs. That’s why I recommend that before you even start on your content, spend a few minutes thinking about your audience. Answer the following questions:


1.       What titles are represented?
2.       Why are they attending your presentation?
3.       What information do they want from you?
4.       How will they benefit from the information that you have to offer?


By spending just a few minutes getting focused on your audience, you are sure to keep your content on track and your audience engaged.


Make Every Presentation Great!


Sheri Jeavons

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