It is likely that Tuesday’s inauguration will be one of the most-viewed inaugurations of all time.  There were plenty of amazing, emotional moments along the way.  However, now that the dust settled, what’s still in the headlines?  Chief Justice John Roberts’ error while reciting the oath.  It was recently reported that he was working without a copy of the oath in front of him.

While I teach in my classes never to read your speech from a script, there are exceptions to the rule.  For example, if for legal reasons you need to recite something verbatim, it is a good idea to read it from a script.  It is very difficult to memorize something word for word and when you have information that absolutely must be delivered using very specific terms, always have the text available to read from in case you need it.

However, when you do NOT have to recite something verbatim, you should NOT memorize your speech or use a script.  When you do this, your voice becomes flat, you seem unnatural and your audience will tune you out.  That’s why I recommend using PowerPoint slides with bullet points. Use the bullet points to help you remember what to say, then speak from the heart.  This will help ensure that you convey confidence, enthusiasm and your audience will surely pay attention.

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Sheri Jeavons

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