How to properly breathe during a presentation. . .

Question submitted from one of our members:

For the most part I like giving presentations. Every so often I get going and I can feel myself running out of breath. By the time I finish my presentation, I’m gasping for air. How can I catch my breath in the middle of presenting?

Sheri’s Response: The best way to take a nice big deep breath without the room knowing is to implement the “Five Second Steal”. Here is the step-by-step process to implement the Five Second Steal. Finish a sentence on one person and then momentarily stop talking. Turn your body and silently walk toward the big screen. While you are silently taking those 2-4 steps you will want to take a big deep breath, as well as silently read the next bullet point on the screen. Once you arrive at the screen, turn back around, find a friendly face and resume speaking.

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