How to project your voice . . .


Question submitted from one of our members:

By nature I am an introvert.  People tell me they have a hard time hearing me.  I don’t want to shout at people.  How can I project my voice when I am naturally a shy person?

Sheri’s Response: It is important to be true to yourself when communicating. Therefore, forcing yourself to talk louder will not work in the long run.  To authentically project your voice, pick a person in the back of the room and look at them when presenting your point.  It is very natural to talk a little louder when people are far away.   Stay on this person for at least two sentences and then move your eyes to another person in the back of the room. This will allow you to connect with one to two people and naturally project your voice.

Another tip would be to tell a story.  Whenever you share your personal insight, you will naturally have more vocal range and variety.  This will help you sound more interesting and naturally project your voice.

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