How to get the attention of your audience

Question submitted from one of our members:

I often have a hard time getting my audience to pay attention. The information I have to present isn’t terribly exciting, but it is important. How can I grab my audience’s attention?

Sheri’s Response: You’ll want to open your presentation with an attention-getter. This is a great way to open a presentation and to emphasize a point. Attention-getters allow you to be more natural and open to the audience. Here are a few ways to grab your audience’s attention:

1. Personal Story/Anecdote: The goal here is to create excitement for your audience. Relive the story as if it were actually happening. Try to paint a visual picture for your audience. Tie the story into the point you are making for your presentation.


2. Startling Statement: Make a statement that will shock or surprise the audience. It is very important not to insult your audience, but rather to provide a piece of information that will have them sit up and want to know more.


3. Challenge: Ask something of the group in exchange for a reward.

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