To sound as dynamic and engaging as possible while conducting Webinars and Web Meetings, consider using a headset.  It is tempting to just use a speakerphone or a cell phone when calling into a Web session, but speakerphones and cell phones can make you sound distant or unclear, and they can inhibit your natural vocal energy.

Using a headset, on the other hand, reduces background noise and helps your voice sound clearer and louder to your colleagues on the call.  And unlike a phone, a headset leaves your hands free to gesture, generating energy and enthusiasm that comes across in your voice.  Headsets have better sound quality than speakerphones, don’t have issues with bad reception (like cell phones), and allow you to gesture to unleash your vocal and physical energy.  So to help your voice sound clear and compelling on conference calls and Webinars, stop using that speakerphone and invest in a headset!

Make Every Presentation Great,
Sheri Jeavons

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