I often receive questions about guidelines for PowerPoint slides and how they should be used.  Some people believe PowerPoint is simply an awful tool.  I maintain that the problem is not with the tool or the technology, but rather with how it is used by the presenter.

If you cram a bunch of content that your audience can’t see or read onto your slide, of course it will be a distraction.  That kind of material isn’t valuable to you or your audience.  What should you do instead?  Here are a few of the top tips I offer regarding making the most of your PowerPoint slides:

  • Use bullet points only (no sentences)
  • Minimum font size guideline is 24 point
  • Use color
  • Use one simple font
  • Use upper and lower case
  • 4 x 6 rule: Use either four lines of text with six words per line, or six lines of text with four words per line
  • Enlarge one section of a diagram or spreadsheet for easy explanation and comprehension
Here are a few “How To” videos to help you make the most of PowerPoint


Five Time-Saving PowerPoint Tips to Enhance Creativity

During this video, you’ll learn: 1. How to quickly make busy visuals resonate virtually, 2. Put your attendees in charge using the Zoom feature, 3. Look like a pro with the morph transition, 4. Include the right amount of content with the timing feature, 5. Swap out photos to re0use slides without re-working your animation

How to add “Call-Outs” to PowerPoint Slides

During this video, we provide click-by-click instructions to: Chunk text to eliminate sentences and create visual interest, increase chart size and add “call outs” (arrows), format a table using PowerPoint tools, and animate a line chart.

The bottom line is to keep it simple.  Think of your audience. What do they need to know and how can you communicate that information in a clear, concise way?

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