Enhance Your Executive Presence

Whether you are proposing ideas and recommendations to a decision maker or want to appear more credible during meetings, this presentation tip will help you enhance your executive presence, increase your confidence and help you achieve your goals.

In fact, there is one technique you can implement right now to enhance your personal brand and improve your professional presence. Check out this 90-second video to find out how:


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The number one way to improve your executive presence is to enhance your eye contact. When communicating, people will often try to look at everybody and end up talking to nobody. They bounce their eyes from side to side. Instead, I want you to do the exact opposite.

  1. Find one person and hold your eye contact
  2. Speak to that person for a complete thought (approximately 3-5 seconds)
  3. Slowly move your eyes to the person sitting next to them
  4. Repeat the process

Implementing this technique will help you slow down your eye contact, which will in turn slow your mind as well. When implementing this technique, your thoughts will be much clearer and you’ll project the self confidence you want everyone to see during those communications.

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