Free 30-Minute Session

Four Tips to Develop and Deliver an Effective Technical Presentation

November 18 at noon Eastern

Technical presentations are often confusing and contain too much information. Presenters tend to include spreadsheets or images the audience can’t read, and never identify why or how the information is of value.


ipad with a virtual meeting
an illustration of various technology graphics
technology graphic

This FREE 30-minute webinar will help you...

  • Save time by kicking off your presentation with a three-step process
  • Understand how much content to include for the designated time frame
  • Relax and make sure your audience knows what’s in it for them
  • Deliver a busy slide in three easy steps
  • Ensure you don’t read your slides with your back to the audience

This webinar will help ensure your audience stays on track and engaged throughout your in-depth technical presentation.

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