Attending DevLearn? Don’t miss Sheri Jeavons’ talk, “Put Virtual Learners in the Driver’s Seat: Increase Learner Retention” on October 25, 2017 at 1:15 p.m.


Bring your fully charged laptop to join an online training demo, engage in activities and fully participate in this interactive session


Adults learn by doing what they’re being taught. As a virtual trainer, it’s your job to get them “doing.” But how do you do this within the confines of your virtual platform? If you’re conducting virtual sessions on a regular basis, you’ve likely already implemented some virtual tools: Using chat, feedback tools, a few polls and occasionally opening the phone lines. What’s next? How can you creatively implement interaction to increase learner retention?


This session will provide fun activities, tools, techniques and real-life examples you can immediately implement to take your live online training beyond the basics, and ultimately increase learner retention.


The agenda for this session will include the following:

  • Examples of interactive breakout room activities, including a free platform anyone can implement
  • Unique ways to use the whiteboard
  • Techniques to involve everyone if you’re working with a mixed audience (some together in a classroom and others virtual)
  • Ways to use collaboration tools for ongoing learning before, between and after training events


Throughout the session, Sheri will discuss various platforms and collaboration tools to accomplish these activities and increase your learners’ retention no matter what your subject matter.


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