When it comes to dealing with difficult questions, we’ve all been there… You’ve survived your presentation. You’ve delivered all your content, and you feel like things went well. Then, you utter the daring phrase, “Are there any questions?” That’s when you feel your confidence slip away.

So, how do you handle difficult questions? The following three-step process will help keep your confidence up and position you as the expert you are.

  1. Listen to the entire question. Don’t start formulating your answer until the questioner has finished.
  2. Repeat or rephrase the question to the entire audience. Shorten the question and use more neutral language to remove hostility and emotion.
  3. Answer the question. Be honest, concise, and answer to the entire group.

When you’ve completed the Q&A session, go back and repeat the conclusion and action steps from your presentation. This helps leave the audience on a positive note, telling them your presentation was good for them and what they need to do next.

For more information, watch this video of Sheri explaining the process: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G6niJtEZtuY

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